Dear colleagues!

The 2nd SYMPOSIUM of the International Association of Hirudotherapeutists and Hirudologists (IAHН) will be held in Sveti Vlas (Bulgaria) on 1-5th September 2017.
The Symposium place and time have not been chosen by chance. That’s the velvet season. Warm sea and sunny beaches of Bulgaria are waiting for you.

The Symposium program includes:
IAHН annual report, the exchange of New Knowledge and Scientific Discoveries in hirudotherapy and planning work for future.

For the scientific report presentation at Symposium please inform Prof. Izolda P. Baskova <>.

For Russian-speaking participants in regarding of obtaining visas to Bulgaria please contact to Dr. Farida Kalbakhani  <>  

English-speaking participants at the Symposium please contact to Nina Barbora Evans <>


 Members of IAНН pay an annual membership fee of 50 Euro
For Hirudologists and Hirudoterapevts not members of IAНН -
75 Euro .
For citizens of Syria and Ukraine: Participation at the Symposium is FREE OF CHARGE
For Citizens of Bulgaria - Participation at the Symposium 100  
Bulgarian levs 
(except of the Organizing committee members)

For money bank transfer please attach a cover letter and email it on e-address <>
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On September 1, 2017, Bulgaria, the Second Symposium of the International Association of Hirudotherapeutists and Hirudologists (IAHH) begins its work. On the agenda of the Symposium is the presentation and discussion of innovations that ensure the effectiveness of hirudotherapy as a method of evidence-based medicine in the complex treatment of various pathological conditions. This problem and the problem of recognizing a medical leech as a medicinal product has been on the agenda of modern hirudology over the past decades. In order to consolidate the efforts of doctors and hirudologists of different countries the International Association was organized in 2013, which continues the traditions of the Russian hirudotherapy and of the countries  the former Soviet Union in the middle of  XX century. We can not accept the active processes of discrediting hirudotherapy and mixing it with very dubious medieval methods of "cure", such as shamanism, astrology, parapsychology, extrasensory and other types of "healing". IAHH distances itself from so-called "folk" medicine "and the theses of reports devoted to" folk healing" will not be accepted for publication. Therefore, it is supposed to strictly evaluate the content of the abstracts, which will be published as a brochure. Abstracts must be sent to prof. Baskova I.P. not later than August 1, 2017.The volume of it can not be more than 3 pages in Russian and in English. (Interval between lines 1.5, font Time New Roman).  
   Yours faithfully,
Organizing Committee of the 2nd IAHH Symposium:
 Dr. Farida Kalbahani - Chairman of the Joint Committee of IAHH
+ 359-895497799. Sofia

Professor Isolda Baskova - a veteran of hirudology, 
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Moscow
 + 7-916-5561522,

We offer accommodation in Moonlight Hotel in Sveti Vlas on the 1st line of the sea.
ALL INCLUSIVE: 42 euro / day / 1 person in a 2-bed room (the prices are much lower than standard, thanks to our co-founders from Bulgaria).
The price includes:
3 meals a day, drinks, swimming pool, animation programs,
the conference hall rent and 4 coffee breaks.
This price is valid for all our guests from 1 to 10 September, so you can book the desired number of days within this period.
If you stay in different apartments or hotel rooms you have to pay 15 Euro for hiring a conference hall and 10 Euro for 4 coffee breaks.
They have to pay visa fee and postage.
The registration of necessary documents for an invitation usually takes 1 week and costs 20 Euros per person.
from Bourgas airport to the hotel in Sveti Vlas and back the payment is  on arrival.
For the pre-arrange group transportation please contact to Dr. Farida Kalbakhani.
The taxi transfer service is available in airport as well.

FARIDA KALBAKHANI (Farida Kalbakhani)
PIREOS BANK (Piraeus bank) Bulgaria, Sofia city
IBAN-BG-96 PIRB 917 046 034 507 57
+7 9165561522 Professor Izolda Porfiryevna Baskova
+ 359-895497799 Dr. Farida Kalbahani

2nd Symposium of the International Association of 
Hirudotherapist and Hirudologists 

 1-3 of September 2017  
September 1 
   Arrival of participants and guests of the Symposium 
15.30 – 16.30–  Discussion of Association organizational issues 
September 2 
15.30     Opening of the Symposium.  Greeting of President  IAHH   
News in hirudotherapy 
15.40 16.30      Baskova I. P. (Russia)Discussion of the German Association for the Promotion of  Leech Therapy and the Protection of Leeches programm «Training Guidelines on the Use of Leech Therapy in Humans»  
16.30 – 17.00     Nina Barbora Evans (UK), British Leech Business: Beneficial side effects. 

17.00 – 17.10   Coffee break 
Breeding of leeches 
17.10 – 17.30  Masoumeh Malek (Iran)Comparison of leech breeding in Malaysia, Germany, France, Russia, USA and Iran 

17.30 – 17.50  Mortesa Yousefi Chahardehi (Iran), Growing of medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis)  in conditions of water recirculation 

17.50 -18.10  Sargolzaee S. (Iran), Effect of light and food on the reproductive capacity of medical leeches Hirudo orientalis. 

From 18.10    Discussion of the submitted messages. 

September 3 –   
Discussion of hirudotherapy problems. Hirudology 
15.30 – 15.50  Sviderskaya O. V. (Russia), Medicinal leech as activator of sanogenesis in comprehensive treatment of metabolic syndrome 

15.50  16.1Rolgeiser E. P. (Russia), Hirudotherapy for non-differentiated mesenchimal dysplasia of patients with pathology of craniovertebral area 

16.10 16.3 Kozhova M. (Bulgaria) Hydrocephalus of the brain. Treatment with leeches. 
16.30 16.5Rolgeyzer I. M. (Russia), The use of hirudotherapy in pregravid preparation of women with inherited thrombophilic conditions 

16.50 – 17.1 Baskova IP. (Russia), Hirudotherapy and thrombolysis.  A New Look. 
Coffee break (17.10 – 17.20) 
From 17.2         Discussion of the submitted messages.  

            19.00 - Closing of the Symposium 
                         September 4,5  -   EXCURSIONS