How to Join Our Association (IAHH)
The International Association of hirudotherapeutisits and Hirudologists (IAHH) is open for new members, either physical or legal entities, complying with the Charters provisions and ready to pay the enrolment fee. Corporate membership is also possible. Enterprises and organizations of any pattern of ownership contributing to the development of IAHH may act as corporate members of IAHH.
Requirements for IAHH Membership:
1). The Application for IAHH with your signature and stamp, confirmed that you are identified with goals and objectives of IAHH. Your name, last name, country.
2). For physical or legal entities: copies of Diploma, Certification of hirudotherapy, Permission or License for activity (only for legal entities), copy of your passport, a copy of the dues payment order 50 EURO 
3). For corporate members: copy of registration document and permission  to attend to hirudotherapy or to medicine. All documents must be with full legal data, stamp, signature, full name of registration authority, legal address, data of director and number of registration. a copy of the dues payment order 100 EURO

Account for payment of membership fees
Euro Account:
FARIDA KALBAKHANI (Farida Kalbahani)
Piraeus Bank (Piraeus bank) Bulgaria, Sofia city
IBAN- BG- 96 PIRB 917 046 034 507 57
Justification: Participation in the IAHH

Please, sent all scanned documents (in any language) to Dr. Farida Kalbahany (e-mail: