On September 1, 2018, Georgia, the 3d Symposium of the International Association of Hirudotherapeutists and Hirudologists (IAHH) begins its work. On the agenda of the Symposium is the presentation and discussion of innovations that ensure the effectiveness of hirudotherapy as a method of evidence-based medicine in the complex treatment of various pathological conditions. This problem and the problem of recognizing a medical leech as a medicinal product has been on the agenda of modern hirudology over the past decades. In order to consolidate the efforts of doctors and hirudologists of different countries the International Association was organized in 2013, which continues the traditions of the Russian hirudotherapy and of the countries  the former Soviet Union in the middle of  XX century. We can not accept the active processes of discrediting hirudotherapy and mixing it with very dubious medieval methods of "cure", such as shamanism, astrology, parapsychology, extrasensory and other types of "healing". IAHH distances itself from so-called "folk" medicine "and the theses of reports devoted to" folk healing" will not be accepted for publication. Therefore, it is supposed to strictly evaluate the content of the abstracts, which will be published as a brochure. Abstracts must be sent to prof. Baskova I.P. The deadline for accepting theses is July 31, 2018.The volume of it can not be more than 3 pages in Russian and in English. (Interval between lines 1.5, font Time New Roman).  
Yours faithfully,
Organizing Committee of the 3d IAHH Symposium:
Dr. Farida Kalbahani - Chairman of the Joint Committee of IAHH                                                     + 359-895497799, Sofia,   

Professor Isolda Baskova - a veteran of hirudology, Biological Faculty of Moscow State University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Moscow, + 7-916-5561522,


Dear Friends! Recent years are very rich in international meetings and conferences dedicated to the problems of health improvement of the population, and, first of all, the fight against thrombosis. It is significant that on October 14 is OUR PROFESSIONAL holiday, International Day of Fighting with Thrombosis, was celebrated. Having assumed the responsibility to treat various pathologies, including thrombotic complications, using hirudotherapy, we should not remain at the level of the past centuries, when this method, considered and called the method of PEOPLE medicine. In many countries, including Russia, it is not included in the Number of methods of evidence-based medicine.